Nine Years of Alya

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

One of the interesting upshots of internet nude modeling is the ability to follow particular models from youth (18 or 19) through to the end of their careers, which tend to occur in the models’ early 30s if not earlier. This was more or less impossible prior to the advent of internet porn. Sure, “Playboy” would sometimes publish “where are they now?” photo sets (usually heavily airbrushed) of models who had first become popular in their teens or early twenties. But that left all the middle years unaccounted for. And if you’re as big a pervert as I am, you’re bothered by that lack of total coverage.

I got to thinking about this the other day while taking a look at Petter Hegre’s excellent artcore site, Hegre-Art, which has been publishing first-rate nude photographs of stupendous-looking models for ten years or more. While perusing the site I noticed that the Ukrainian model known as Alya had recently made a comeback. I remembered her well!

According to the info on Hegre-Art, Alya, who is sometimes known as Alena, started working in 2005. Maybe you need to have a thing for extremely leggy, string-bean-bodied girls with angelic faces to fully appreciate a model like Alya. Lord knows, she’s unlikely to pique the interest of the guy who’s primarily interested in big butts and breasts.  Yet I think most will have no problem agreeing that she’s a fairly stunning creature. Those green eyes! That adorably weak non-chin! That mole!

Anyway, this got me interested in comparing photos of Alya from different years. So I pulled examples from each year of her career off the net. Though she’s worked for a variety of sites, most come from either Hegre or MetArt, which is another upscale nude site specializing in stunning European women. It’s intriguing — not to mention fairly stimulating — to watch her mature before your eyes. Inevitably, the youthful bloom fades and is replaced by a still-very-appealing gravitas. I can’t imagine a lovelier memento mori.

According to her page on Hegre-Art, Alya has begun working as a nude photographer. Good for her. Her stuff looks fun and classy. Here she is talking about her work:

Thank you everybody for fantastic comments.) I think its my destiny to be here again with Petter. He saw me growing from a child. I was always trying to put my nose in to his photo shootings with me as stylist. Couple of years ago I have decided that my passion is photography. But not only this I am artist inside and I always try to torn useful things into my way. You can look my autoportraits later and you will see what I mean) With Love from Alya!

Here’s hoping she’s a success at her new career. I certainly wouldn’t mind another nine years of Alya.

Naturally, these photos are all low-res sample versions. The ones available through the official sites are of much better quality.

Below content is of course NSFW.








[I couldn’t find any 2011 images, so here is some of her fashion work, all of it of uncertain vintage]




  • Alya at Hegre-Art.
  • Alya at MetArt, where she is known as Alena I.
  • Hegre’s published some books of his work. This one might include some Alya images. His most famous book focuses on his wife, the model Luba.
  • I wrote about the fascinating culture of internet nude modeling here.
  • I lamented the state of Veronica Zemanova’s boobs here.

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6 Responses to Nine Years of Alya

  1. ironrailsironweights says:

    She’s just like the economy: in fine shape in 2005, then a gradual decline, hit rock bottom in 2010, and is now showing some signs of improvement.



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  3. animal says:

    Long hair good, short hair bad.


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