Bargain Bin Vinyl Du Jour

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

quietmusicvol8One of the nice consequences of the vinyl resurgence is that, as people sell their old collections, there’s a lot of cheap stock out there. For every coveted first pressing of a hip Miles Davis album there’s 500 copies of some 70s Osmonds corniness that can be had for next to nothing. While musically these discs might be average to poor, many of them (especially the pre- or non-rock genres), have a lot of visual charm and interest. Because this stuff can be had for $5 and under, it makes for a fun and cheap hobby. For example, the one above cost $2. I hope to share more in the coming weeks.

Have any of you gotten swept up in the LP revival?


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2 Responses to Bargain Bin Vinyl Du Jour

  1. Gavin Bledsoe says:

    Picked up a number of Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with Carmen Dragon. Great stuff.


  2. With Pearls and Cleavage in Stereo!


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