DePalma Legal Trouble

Fenster writes:

When it rains it pours.  Just as UR gets its knickers in a knot–privately, of course!–over the issue of creepshots, it turns out that Brian De Palma, a sainted presence for many of us here, finds himself in hot water for alleged creepshotting.

The incident occurred during the shooting in Berlin of a scene involving runway models for his most recent film Passion.  DePalma asked one of the leggy German models–the lovely Nicht Tragenhöschen–to perform the scene without panties.   Sadly for Fräulein Tragenhöschen, she tripped and fell on her walk, affording the cinematographer, Jose Luis Alcaine, a nice shot up . . . well, up the runway, let’s just say that.

Tragenhöschen contends that DePalma greased the runway to prompt her to fall.  DePalma  has disputed this, calling her an “oiled up show-off” and that the greasy residue found after the fact was a result of the fall itself.  One thing is clear: DePalma saved the footage and used it in the film.

Fräulein Tragenhöschen, down but not out

Fräulein Tragenhöschen, down but not out

German law operates under a longstanding doctrine of Keinehinterhältigenfotografienvongesäß, loosly translated as “no sneaky photographs of buttocks.”  DePalma and Alcaine argue that the camera placement was public and fixed and that there could be no sneakiness involved.  Tragenhöschen acknowledges that the camera placement was fixed.  But she also contends that it was DePalma’s runway greasing that caused her body to be violently, intentionally and conveniently realigned in such fashion as to permit the shot.  Her attorney referred to this as “hinterhältig nach oben Kleidung”, or “guileful upskirting.”

We’ll keep you posted.

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