I Suppose This is a Good Thing…

Atypical Neurotic writes:

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

About Atypical Neurotic

An Illinois-born refugee from academia who in late middle-age finds himself a civil servant in Norway. An unashamed city-dweller, he walks 30 minutes every day to a job where he is not paid to be an economist (lawyer or accountant), only to sound like one.
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15 Responses to I Suppose This is a Good Thing…

  1. You use a lot of footnotes, dude?

    I got H.P. Lovecraft. He’s noted for his mythology and imagination more than his prose, right? Isn’t his prose kind of unreadable? Is this algorithm trying to tell me something?


  2. Atypical Neurotic says:
      And parentheticals. Bad habits both, I know, but it’s part of my charm.


  3. Fenster says:

    I put in several and got David Foster Wallace once and HP Lovecraft once. Not sure what that means. However, I got Cory Doctorow several times in a row, which is interesting since I did one of these analysis thingies a few years ago and got Cory Doctorow then, too. Never read him.


  4. Faze says:

    Probably not a good thing. DFW’s prose radiated “bad crazy” from every syllable. What you want is to write like Booth Tarkington, Sinclair Lewis, Dorothy Thompson or one of the other rock-solid prosodists of the early 20th century. Nothing showy about their style. But it was sharp, flexible and mature. Oh yes, and underrated in our own time — a lot like the painters and illustrators Eddie Pensier is always bringing to our attention.


  5. Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

    I got P.G. Wodehouse.


  6. I felt mischievous and plugged in some paragraphs I once wrote about David Foster Wallace … and apparently I write like H.P. Lovecraft too.


  7. I got Margaret Atwood?!? Please say it ain’t so.


  8. Tex says:

    I got Cory Doctorow, about whom I know nothing, but I doubt he’s as awesome as me.


  9. Bryan says:

    I got H. P. Lovecraft once and Arthur Clarke once. Both quite absurd. I don’t know what they mean by “analysis” but as the process takes less than a second, it is obviously some extremely simplistic and shallow one.


  10. Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

    This has to be some kind of joke. No one writes like Lovecraft.


  11. Callowman says:

    DFW. Sigh. He’s so wordy. Me, too, apparently.


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