Paleo Retiree writes:

About Paleo Retiree

Onetime media flunky and movie buff and very glad to have left that mess behind. Formerly Michael Blowhard of the cultureblog Now a rootless parasite and bon vivant on a quest to find the perfectly-crafted artisanal cocktail.
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2 Responses to Linkage

  1. Will S. says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

    Craziness, eh?


  2. I read the Bentley piece over lunch yesterday. My thoughts as I went thru it:
    1) Good Lord, some people know how to live.
    2) This article is better than EYES WIDE SHUT.
    3) Now I know why they think Jerry Lewis is a genius. After all that voluptuous aestheticism and spiritual ecstasy they need some nutty zaniness to bring them back down to earth.


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