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12 Responses to Linkage

  1. Toddy Cat says:

    Yeah, this country is collapsing around our ears, and the biggest problem we have is what to do about middle-schoolers swatting each other on the butt in Vegas. If I had done that back in the seventies, most of the chicks would have smacked my face. But I suppose that counts as “school violence” these days, so we can’t have that. Doesn’t anyone have any common sense any more?


  2. peterike says:

    That WWI as a bar fight was cute, but it left out that throughout the altercation some creepy little weasels (globalist financiers) are whispering in the ears of all sides, provoking action and cutting deals. At the same time, standing outside the bar are press barons of the globalist elites, relaying the story to those outside the bar in a way that stirs up their desire to join the fight.


  3. peterike says:

    Off topic but… retro Tumblr bait.


  4. Pangur says:

    Donovan doesn’t go so far as to call for the Sailer strategy (white candidates appealing to white voters on the basis of their racial interests) but it’s one logical conclusion to his piece. Given the current quality of our political class, this will likely never happen (also, whites would cringe in agony at the accusations of racism).


    • Toddy Cat says:

      Actually, I’d be willing to bet that we see an explicit appeal to white ethnic conciousness sometime in the next twenty years. Things can change quickly under duress, and we’re going to see a lot of duress in the near future.


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