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11 Responses to Linkage

  1. Toddy Cat says:

    If someome wants to know what’s gone wrong with America in the last twenty years, you could do worse than make them acquainted with Michael Bloomberg. When he dies, he should be stuffed and put into the Smithsonian.


    • peterike says:

      Lol! But at least the guy was a competent manager, not like the ass-hat running the city now. Seriously, duh Blaz may be the stupidest person ever elected Mayor of New York, and that’s covering a lot of ground.


      • Toddy Cat says:

        Yeah, DeBlasio is such a buffoon, he’s not even dangerous, at least as long as you don’t actually live in NYC. Are you sure the guy isn’t some deep-cover conservative operative, placed there to give liberals a bad name? I agree, it’s hard to believe he’s even for real.


      • Christine says:

        Joe Lhota would have been better but he did not have a Twitter account and his campaign operatives were content distributing flyers in the Upper East SIde. New Yorkers were doomed to have duh Blaz.
        While I will always think of the smoking ban as the first event that made me regret moving to the United States, I still admire Bloomberg for supporting stop and frisk and that poster campaign of crying babies taunting teenage moms.


  2. Regarding the first story, Western Washington University is located one-and-a-half hours north of Seattle and 30 mins south of the Canadian border, i.e. The Whitest Part of the Western United States. Unlike here in L.A., if the open borders crowd gets its wish the place will just get whiter.


    • Callowman says:

      Bellingham is a delightful whiteopia. Two of my most SWPLy friends are profs there. One posted photos on his FB page of preserved and canned bear, geoduck and deer he had been given by a satisified graduate from the hinterlands.


  3. In re. diet: You are right to be suspicious. There is, literally, no plausible proposed biomedical mechanism by which the consumption of animal proteins would lead to diabetes. None.

    I suspect, then, the problem is with the study. And the biggest problem with the study is that it only looked at estimated raw amounts of protein. Not the ratio of protein compared to other macronutrients. And even so, the correlation they allegedly did discover was very, very weak.

    In other words, the people that ate more protein very well might have just been eating more. Period.


  4. SANSHO is on YouTube for the moment:


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