Naked Lady of the Week: Hayley-Marie Coppin

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Hayley-Marie is a British model who got her start as a Page 3 girl about 11 years ago. She’s gone on to pose for a slew of websites, often working as what Wikipedia describes as a “pantyhose and lingerie model.” I guess that means she specializes in softcore/fetish material — closed-leg, Gil Elvgren-style stuff. She’s over 30 now, and the natural patina of age combined with her dee-luxe, ultra-healthy figure give her quite a MILF-y appeal. And, as you can probably glean by browsing the photos in the below gallery, she seems to really enjoy modeling. Lots of different moods and modes in evidence there. (Credit her photographers too, of course.) Her face really looks upper-crusty English, doesn’t it? I’d almost buy her as a member of the Redgrave clan.

These small sample photos come from Art LingerieOnly Silk and Satin, where Hayley-Marie is described as a “legend”; Breathtakers; Girlfolio; and Ms. Coppin’s official site, Hayley’s Secrets. Pay ’em a visit for the real-deal goods.

Content below the jump is NSFW, albeit only in a mild, cheesecake-y sort of way. Happy Friday.


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  1. ironrailsironweights says:

    God damn it 😦



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