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3 Responses to Linkage

  1. slumlord says:

    You know, I’m kinda in agreement with the Italian Designer. His map is based on the same principles as the London Subway map which nearly everyone else regards as a work of genius.

    The people can sometimes be wrong.


    • Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

      I find it hard to get past the weird blobby land masses, which don’t really correspond to anyone’s sense of New York. I get that he’s trying to foreground the subway lines and make them easier to understand, but a map that gives you an inaccurate sense of geography strikes me as problematic. Also, if he intended the smoothed-out shapes to be less of a distraction, I think he failed, because their oddness ends up being the thing you focus on when you look at it.


    • Sax von Stroheim says:

      But New York City — especially Manhattan — is a very different kind of city than London (or Montreal or Tokyo or other big cities with functional “diagram”-style subway maps). New Yorkers and visitors to NY often like to get around part of the time on foot, so it’s tremendously useful to have a subway map that bears some degree of resemblance to how the city is actually organized on the surface (i.e., it’s useful to have a map that works like a map). That is, part of what’s good about the NY subway map is that you can look at it and figure out that you can grab the subway to the Museum of Natural History, see the big whale, and then walk across the park to look at paintings at the Met.


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