Some Snaps I Took in Atlanta

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

I was in Atlanta recently for work. Thought I’d share some photos I took.

2014-05-20 21.28.05

This ferris wheel was right outside the hotel at which I stayed. I guess urban ferris wheels are a thing now? If so, I’m not really sure what to make of that. A fun, colorful development? Or a sign of civic rot and mass infantilization? Whatever it means, it didn’t seem to be heavily patronized. Both times I walked past there was no one riding. I immediately flashed on images of small-town fairs and toothless carnies — things I don’t typically associate with bustling city centers.

2014-05-21 11.50.52

CNN is headquartered right there in downtown Atlanta. I didn’t venture into the gift shop, though I’m normally not one to pass up a nice piece of Wolf Blitzer merchandise.

2014-05-21 20.20.21

CNN’s offices are built on top of a food court. Yeah, like in a mall. Actually, I guess that’s what surrounds CNN — a shopping mall. It’s strangely appropriate somehow. Between Anderson Cooper’s hair-styling sessions, CNN drudges can walk down to the mall, buy some shitty food court food, take it back up to the office, and eat it while they make news. Don’t you love the escalator ascending into the center of the globe? I guess the idea is that CNN gives you access to the world in the same way the food court gives you access to diarrhea.

2014-05-22 18.43.43

A shot from inside the food court, where you can sit and gaze up at the CNN’ners, who get their own private tables on the second story. I love the old guy sitting there staring at the screen as he waits for his wife to come back from Taco Bell. Or maybe he’s thinking of sneaking past those security guards, running up the stairs, and making mad, passionate (but still very respectful and politically forward-looking) love to Christiane Amanpour?

2014-05-21 20.20.29

One last shot of this cathedral of commerce, trans fats, and infotainment.

According to Wikipedia, this space once housed an amusement park dedicated to the creations of Sid and Marty Krofft. Now that sounds like something I’d travel to Atlanta to see.

2014-05-22 18.55.57I walked around Atlanta for a while, but, truth be told, I didn’t feel too inspired to take photos. My favorite detail of downtown is this section of Peachtree Street, which features a lot of older low-rise buildings and lots and lots of trees. It’s rare that you see so many tall trees right in the middle of an urban area. They affect the vibe of the place in an interesting way. The street feels mysterious, welcoming, oasis-like.

Two entrances to this section of Peachtree Street. You can’t help but walk towards them.

Some additional shots. Unsurprisingly, when I got home I found that most of my snaps were of this area. Apparently, Margaret Mitchell died while she was crossing Peachtreet Street and was struck by a car. That’s the ’40s version of falling off the ferris wheel.

2014-05-22 18.58.35

Naturally, as soon as you exit the charming urban oasis shown above you’re met by this monument to the art of cheese grating.

2014-05-22 19.05.58And this.

Actually, what do you reckon this is supposed to be? I didn’t dare get close enough to read the plaque — assuming there is one. It seems intended as a space for people to gather. But who aside from a victim in an Argento film would want to spend time here?

2014-05-22 19.07.20Does de Blasio know about this?

2014-05-22 19.16.12

I took this shot as I walked back through Centennial Olympic Park, which has some kind of connection to the 1996 Olympics, an event I’ve utterly forgotten. It’s pretty ugly — a non-descript non-space the main function of which seems to be the advertisement of its donors, whose names are inscribed in the cobblestones carpeting much of its walkways. But magic hour can make anything look good. It was a nice evening. Kids were playing in the fountain. I went back to the hotel and got hammered on bourbon sours. (Is that a fucking haiku?)

2014-05-23 16.17.26 copy

I creepshot this girl while waiting for US Air to fix my broken flight. She was going through some kind of travel crisis of her own and was giving everyone quite a show as she stretched towards the airline people on the other side of the counter, as though her lost time and aggravation were nothing but opportunities to act out her sexiness. Bless her and her butt-hugging yoga pants. I texted the photo to my friend. We have a running joke about how airports are the best venues for girl watching. I think it’s true. Why is that?

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15 Responses to Some Snaps I Took in Atlanta

  1. >>We have a running joke about how airports are the best venues for girl watching. I think it’s true. Why is that?

    I’ll be at LAX and Newark airports soon. More research is needed on this pressing question.


  2. That escalator into the globe looks like a fire engine crane.


  3. they've had their revenge says:

    that’s were the voice of cnn hides his death star.


  4. peterike says:

    We have a running joke about how airports are the best venues for girl watching. I think it’s true. Why is that?

    Ever since somebody sent around a memo that when flying it’s perfectly ok to wear pajamas, or super tight stretchy pants. You also see a lot of loose tops. Only the women aren’t thinking ahead, because of course when getting in and out of seats, or lifting your luggage to the rack, you do a lot of bending over. On my last flight I got a full boob view (in a lacy bra) of a very attractive woman a couple of times because of her very loose shirt. I guess nobody cares anymore.


  5. Gavin Bledsoe says:

    Next time you visit, I can steer you to more interesting sites.


    • Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

      Are you in Atlanta? Too bad I didn’t know. Maybe next time.

      I didn’t really get the chance to explore much.


      • Gavin Bledsoe says:

        I live in Chattanooga, but used to live in Atlanta, that downtown section by CNN, is someone’s bad dream of southern kitsch. There are still a lot of old, beautiful neighborhoods, although admittedly, Atlanta tore down too much of its historical buildings.


  6. “Atlanta tore down too much of its historical buildings.” Fucking Sherman


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