Naked Lady of the Week: Angela White

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Curvy Aussie cutie Angela White got her start modeling for big boob site Score but I first noticed her on Abby Winters. Although we haven’t mentioned it much around here, UR readers are familiar with the Australian amateur site, right? It’s like SuicideGirls without the tattoos and piercings or FTV Girls but more natural. White — with her generous proportions, freckles, dimpled chin, crooked smile, and enthusiastic bisexual romps — was one of Winters’ breakout stars who quickly climbed the porn ladder. She now works exclusively for her own official site which on the one hand features plenty of hardcore, but on the other has eschewed her girl-next-door appeal for glammed-up slickness. Ladies, easy with the airbrushing! Some of us like skin with texture.

The pictures below the jump are NSFW so don’t proceed while you’re on the clock unless you want your monitor to melt. Happy Friday.


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4 Responses to Naked Lady of the Week: Angela White

  1. peterike says:

    Cute face, but at least 35% too much woman!


  2. Tyler Darling says:

    She’s a winner. I love me a curvy girl who flaunts it with no shame.


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