Julius Rudel (1921-2014)

Eddie Pensier writes:

In memory of the titanic Viennese conductor and impresario, who passed away yesterday at 93, here’s a clip of the Hotel Transylvanie gambling scene from Jules Massenet’s Manon, from a rare 1977 New York City Opera telecast. It stars the inarguably great Beverly Sills*, the regrettably forgotten Henry Price and a very young Samuel Ramey as the Comte Des Grieux.

Hear him making magic with Nicolai Gedda and Sills again, in the definitive EMI 1970 recording of the opera. The aria “En fermant les yeux”, starting at 1:10 and going to 4:46, might just make you cry with its sweet, limpid perfection.

Bravo Maestro Rudel, for your contributions to opera, to New York City, and to the arts in general. You will be deeply missed.

*Little-known and possibly sexist trivia tidbit: When the redheaded Sills took over from Rudel as artistic director of the NYCO, some wags in the company began unkindly (but hilariously) calling her “Orange Julius”.

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