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  1. peterike says:

    The Times engages in the sort of unconscious irony for which it is famous by not allowing comments on its article on commenting. This is my favorite line: “The New York Times, for example, screens every reader comment for tone and language before publishing.”

    Heh, yes, for “tone and language.” They forgot to add “and thought crimes.” They will publish countervailing opinions, it’s true, but don’t break the sacred race/gender rules because you’ll never see the light of day.

    On “The Goldfinch,” I did notice the mega-slam reviews in the New Yorker and New York Review. I was surprised since log-rolling is the primary purpose of book reviews these days and you almost never see outright dynamiting of a book. I would consider reading it, just to be hep to the jive, were it not as long as it is.

    Coulter made some really funny points about teh futballs. Hey, I get into the World Cup as much as the next status whoring white metrosexual, but really it’s a pretty boring game. There was never a game more designed to be watched via a highlight reel.


    • Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

      People are losing their shit over the Coulter piece on Facebook, especially the part about the metric system. I took it as a fairly amusing comedy piece. Can’t say I’m a fan of Coulter’s but I do sometimes find her funny. Not sure why people feel so protective of the metric system. Personally, the YOU SHOULD REALLY LIKE THE METRIC SYSTEM campaign and the YOU SHOULD REALLY LIKE SOCCER campaign have always seemed pretty similar.


      • peterike says:

        I like Coulter, not that I read her often. I mean, she’s no deep thinker, but she’s not trying to be. I admire how she treads a very fine line. As a mainstream commentator, she has to be very careful not to cross the line too far on race and gender issues, but she is always managing to push the line just a bit while not losing her invitations on Fox News and the million other shows she appears on. This takes no small degree of skill.

        In her heart I’m guessing she’s basically Steve Sailer — she’s no dummy by any means — but she knows how her bread is buttered. Even so, she manages to implant CrimeThink ideas in people’s heads on a regular basis, and nobody but nobody is better at pointing out Liberal hypocrisy (ok, that’s shooting fish in a barrel, but at least she takes the time to do it).


      • >>People are losing their shit over the Coulter piece on Facebook, especially the part about the metric system. I took it as a fairly amusing comedy piece.

        Heh, I came here to say this and see you beat me to it. Shock of shocks, the people who seem to be most upset in my feed are earnest, pro-soccer liberals. Even those who understand that her piece is meant as comedy seem offended.


  2. agnostic says:

    The rape debate shows just how profoundly isolated people want to be these days. On one side are the shrill feminazis saying that women shouldn’t have to learn self-defense to protect against rape — rapists should be taught not to rape. Lotsa luck with that. In reality, that mindset translates into cocooning away from the entire world of men, who are irredeemable crypto-rapists.

    On the other side is the you-go-girl, strong independent woman crowd that wants women to better prepare themselves for mano-a-mano combat. Of course, a chick being a black belt ain’t gonna stop a knife or a gun in the hands of a testosterone-addled man. Try and find out. That’s something you don’t spar against in karate class.

    Although seemingly arguing with each other, they are agreed on one basic thing — you ought to remain utterly alone. For the feminazis, this means cowering at home alone where the rape culture cannot reach them. For the strong independent women, this means going it alone in potentially dangerous public places, rather than relying on the company of others — meaning, men — for protection. If shit goes down, don’t worry everybody else, she’s got it covered by herself — she knows karate!

    In reality, having at least one man around you, and even more so if there’s more, is the best deterrent. A psycho doesn’t want to fuck around with a strong group but a weak individual. And that’s also the best solution in the odd event that someone does try to fuck with you — having more bodies who can swarm the enemy on your behalf.


  3. I guess it’s cool that some people uphold standards and all, but James Wood stroking his chin about who is and isn’t a “serious storyteller” is a riot. Someone should make armpit farts whenever he speaks.


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