Naked Lady of the Week: Katya Clover

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Some people seem born to take their clothes off. The golden-toned Russian known as Katya Clover is one of them. Her work seems to announce, “Tah dah! I’m naked!”

Looking through a bunch of her photos while pulling together this post — the things I do for your people! — I was struck by how rarely she looks unbalanced or diluted. There’s scarcely a snap in which she doesn’t command the camera, in which she isn’t fully “there.” Lord knows what someone has to have in order to achieve that kind of . . . radiant physical presence. Possibly one has to be a bit of a performer. Maybe something of an exhibitionist as well. Whatever it is there’s no denying Katya’s generosity: she clearly enjoys granting us access to everything she’s got.

According to her official site she started her career as a bikini model, then started doing nude stuff upon starting a relationship with a photographer. There’s something sweet about this passage:

We realized that both of us are fond of active sports and sporty style of life – we travel a lot, we catch adventures, we like to wonder and make wondering others! We take a lot of pictures, and now video :) and we like to share them with other people, as I am a nudist and naturist I believe people should not make secret from their bodies…

No shame, no secrets. That’s a pretty good philosophy for a nude model to have, don’t you think? Possibly it’s what led her to do hardcore shoots, all of them with a guy who I presume is her photographer boyfriend.

That brings me to an interesting question: Does it bother those of you who are fans of erotic photography when a favorite model does hardcore stuff? Does it take something away from her work or tarnish her in some way? This seems a constant subject of debate around the forums I visit while researching these models. Some are eager to see their favorites do the deed, others are appalled when they do.

I can see both sides. Lord knows the porn industry can be a hard and merciless mistress — one capable of grinding the freshness out of the most seemingly innocent of personalties. But . . . but . . . isn’t engaging in sex for the camera just another kind of erotic performance? If we can accept posing nude for the camera as a worthy and stimulating cultural exercise, why can’t we accept having sex for the camera using the same rationale? Besides: If Katya and her boyfriend derive something from getting it on in front of an audience, why shouldn’t we be happy to help them out?

Katya has appeared under a host of sensual and gustatory aliases, including Caramel and Mango. (One of the commenters at Met-Art compares her to fruit salad. I’ll cosign that remark.) These low-res sample images come from Met-Art, DOMAI, Goddess Nudes, and Watch4Beauty. You can find lots more of Katya at those sites as well as at others around the ‘net.

Bright and well-tanned nudity below the fold. Have a Katya-inspired weekend.


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