Linkage (Sweet Things Edition)

Eddie Pensier writes:

About Eddie Pensier

Television junkie, opera buff, connoisseur of unhealthy foods, fashion watcher, art lover and admirer of beautiful people of all sexes.
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9 Responses to Linkage (Sweet Things Edition)

  1. Fenster says:

    Love delce de leche. You know you can make your own on the cheap by simmering an unopened can of sweetened condensed milk for a while on the stove. The longer the darker the result–up to you. I know it is possible that the can will blow up, so don’t take this as an endorsement and don’t call your lawyer if you end up with delicious sticky goo on your kitchen ceiling. Just sayin’ I never had that problem.

    Serious Eats my favorite food site by far. Food has become now such a complicated, meaning-laden and politically volatile subject that it’s no longer enough for most site/books/celebrities to be about the food–surely, to paraphrase Wilde, they are talking about something else. Like moral purity or whatever. Serious Eats is mostly what it purports to be–serious about eating. For me that’s enough most of the time.


    • I did know that about dulce de leche! The trick with the can-boil method is to be sure to never let the water level in the pot get too low: topping it up every half-hour or so usually does the trick. Having an Argentine mother (and spending a hefty chunk of my childhood in Buenos Aires) helped me develop a taste for the stuff.

      Agreed that SE is the best and least snobby food site out there–always a pleasure to read.


  2. Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

    The blonde is a famous European nude model. I suspect she will be a Naked Lady of the Week . . . eventually.

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  5. peterike2 says:

    Crumb’s bakery failed, possibly, because their cupcakes were terrible. Just a thought.

    “Asians are developing a taste for chocolate, which is driving prices through the roof.”

    The enriching of Asia thanks to traitorous Western globalists will prove to be among the worst things that ever happened to planet earth. Conspicuous consumption + massive wealth + zero environmental concern = future disaster.

    I’ve been reading a book lately called “Capital” by Rana Dasgupta, which chronicles the rise of the newly wealthy class in Delhi. It’s really amazing just how crude, crass, corrupt and callous the Indian wealthy class is. Everything terrible about oligarchs in America is magnified ten times in India. It’s really an interesting read.


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