Architecture Du Jour: The Russian Izba

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

The traditional Russian izba, a “peasant house” built of interlocking ax-hewn logs, was for centuries the most widespread form of house found in the Russian countryside. A typical farmstead would consist of an izba, a long-built barn and hay shed, either attached to or separated from the main building, and a kitchen garden. Izby were constructed of many shapes and sizes, but they shared similar internal layouts.

Izby were constructed using hand axes, adzes, or knives, but not saws, and wood pegs rather than nails (metal was expensive). Building one was a communal effort, celebrated with feasts that were held at significant stages in the construction process…Most surviving izby, some up to five hundred years old, are now found only in outdoor museums.

— Building Without Architects: A Global Guide to Everyday Architecture


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8 Responses to Architecture Du Jour: The Russian Izba

  1. Gorgeous stuff. FUCK architects, btw.

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  2. slumlord says:

    You know it’s quite funny. Pretty much in every culture of the world one sees ornamentation on their buildings.

    Agree. Modern Architecture is shit.

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  3. Callowman says:

    Great stuff. Have you ever looked into stave churches? They’re these on steroids.

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  6. Ville Mononen says:

    These are stunningly beautiful! Bursting creativity, imagination, heritage, mastery, symmetry, life… Masterful creations of art, living in connection to nature and thus oneself. The purpose found.

    This modern era has it’s many benefits, but one things for sure… The actions are wide-spread to dumb down, suppress the creativity and individual expression. The “architecture” / construction business of now (atleast in the western cultures) is so much about dull short-sighted profit, supposedly “progressive”. It’s as if the soulless ones gone-sour are trying to bring all down to their level, and it’s showing it’s absurd effects.

    Try as they might, the flaming soul WILL NOT SUBMIT after the games become clear. They feel the call from masters and the energies of perfection, pulsing strong still from supposedly “gone-by” eras. It pulls back to something more sane. Time to rise up from apathy and to your greatness! What is your potential that the world wants to see? Do, act, get it done. Shine on!


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