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  • I can’t say I’m a fan of Rachel Ray, but this is probably the dumbest thing I’ve read in the past year. He writes, “LISTEN WHITEY. YOU DON’T JUST GO AROUND BRINGING HOME PARTS OF OTHER PPL’S CULTURES TO ENTERTAIN YOUR BRAT CHILDREN AND UGLYPALE FRIENDS WITH.” Actually, she has every moral, artistic, and culinary right to do just that, buddy.
  • Slate’s Amanda Marcotte thinks home-cooked meals are bad because they stress women out. Joel Salatin responds. I enjoyed Salatin’s farming memoir, Everything I Want To Do is Illegal.
  • Emma Watson says the view that feminism is about man-hating must end. OK, she’ll get her wish when self-identifying feminists stop seeing the world as one comprised solely of male oppressors and female victims. And don’t motte-and-bailey me with that “feminism is about female equality” nonsense.
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson likes to make shit up.
  • Oh goody. I can’t wait to ignore whatever new tests she comes up with. I hear the new one is the Bechdel Bechdel Test: 1) a woman and another woman, gay, or transgendered person; 2) who are named; 3) talk about how important the Bechdel Test is.
  • A dude has invented a one-piece suit. I’m gonna guess no woman wants to watch her man take off a onesie.
  • Plans are moving forward to expand and modernize L.A.’s Union Station and, unsurprisingly, the proposed renderings are awful. Lots of glass? Check. Swoopy hygiene white? Check. Ignores the surrounding architectural and historical context while looking generically “futuristic”? Check. Designed by Grimshaw Architects, it looks like it could be plopped down anywhere in the world. On the bright side, a restaurant is looking to open in a long-empty and beautiful part of the stationYou can just see Walter Neff and Mrs. Dietrichson blowing smoke in each other’s faces in one of those booths.
  • If I came across this game I’d definitely buy it. I love Cold War ephemera and memorabilia.
  • Speaking of the Cold War, that’s the last time Americans cared about chess in large numbers, isn’t it? A great Slate essay on an astounding chess accomplishment that we all just missed.
  • Pulp Art Du Jour:


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10 Responses to Linkage

  1. agnostic says:

    I wonder what the response would be if the shoe were on the other foot:



    • Because Asians never, EVER appropriate or repurpose bits of Western culture for their own use:


      • agnostic says:

        Oh dang, it should have read “LISTEN GOOK” instead of “LISTEN NIGGER.” I read “whitey” and just assumed the writer was black without clicking the link. I’ll aim to use the proper slurs in the future.


    • Toddy Cat says:

      Asians posing as some kind of angry, repressed, dangerous minority is just hilarious, almost as good as middle-class white guys rapping. Yeah, just keepin’ it real out on the mean streets of the Caltech Computer Science Department, where drive-by hackings are a daily occurrence. Asians often seem to be really pissed off that, on the whole, they are doing great in America, and that white people generally like them.

      Or is that rant supposed to be funny?


  2. agnostic says:

    “I’m gonna guess no woman wants to watch her man take off a onesie.”

    That didn’t occur to the homosexual designer, since it was made for other homosexuals.


  3. Marc Pisco says:

    On the onesie thing, I hear a fair number of women helped Barry Sheene out of his racing leathers back in the day.

    Special case though, granted.


    Seems like it’d have even less utility for gays.


  4. agnostic says:

    “time pressures, tradeoffs to save money, and the burden of pleasing others make it difficult for mothers to enact the idealized vision of home-cooked meals advocated by foodies and public health officials.”

    I’m sorry, dear children of mine, but childhood obesity is such a small sacrifice to ask so that mommy can win more income than daddy.

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  5. peterike2 says:

    Yes, home cooked meals “stress women out.” So do fat, unhealthy kids who get diabetes.

    I love the way Marcotte argues. Well, let’s stop “idealizing” the home cooked meal because not everyone can do it easily. Ummm… isn’t that the POINT of idealizing something? That it’s, you know, the IDEAL? And then of course she vomits out the usual Progressive strawman gotcha of “well this is more difficult for poor people so nobody needs to do it.”

    Well, given that thanks to Progressives there are more and more poor people and fewer and fewer Middle Class people, maybe that argument is getting more valid over time.

    Going unsaid is that making a home cooked meal really isn’t that hard with a bit of planning. Ok, fine, don’t do it every night. There’s always room for pizza night. But you can also make large pot-dishes that can last two or even three meals when supplemented. But whipping up a basic home cooked meal should take about an hour. And while Marcotte whines about men helping out, she fails to make a more salient point: MAKE YOUR KIDS HELP OUT. Yes, instead of chauffeuring them to yet another useless activity for something they will never do again in a few years, stick their little butts in the kitchen and have them peel the carrots and spuds for you. They might even learn something. The time parents spend shuttling kids around to useless busy-making activities would be more than enough to have shared meal making and eating.

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  6. Learning how to prepare decent meals for yourself and your loved ones ought to be high on everyone’s priority list, IMHO. Maybe even at the top.


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