Architecture Du Jour: The Wooden Churches of Chiloe

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

The remote, heavily forested Isla de Chiloe [in Chile]…is home to a remarkable set of wood churches, sixteen of which have been recognized by UNESCO World Heritage as “outstanding examples of the successful fusion of European and indigenous cultural traditions to produce a unique form of wood architecture.”

…It was Jesuit missionaries who first established the churches…the myths, spirits, and beliefs of the indigenous people became intertwined with the Catholic doctrine; this cultural fusion became enshrined in the unique wood structures that the Indians built under Jesuit instruction.

— Building Without Architects: A Global Guide to Everyday Architecture

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5 Responses to Architecture Du Jour: The Wooden Churches of Chiloe

  1. slumlord says:

    How far have we fallen as a civilisation.

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  3. One more reason to check that place out

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