Showtune Saturday: “Well, Did You Ever?”

Eddie Pensier writes:

The combined nonchalant swingin’ coolness of Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Cole Porter may cause swooning fits of “why can’t I be that awesome?” nostalgia.

From High Society (1956), the Charles Walters-directed musical adaptation of The Philadelphia Story. Also features Grace Kelly in her last film role, as well as Celeste Holm and Louis Armstrong.


About Eddie Pensier

Television junkie, opera buff, connoisseur of unhealthy foods, fashion watcher, art lover and admirer of beautiful people of all sexes.
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3 Responses to Showtune Saturday: “Well, Did You Ever?”

  1. peterike2 says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the rather demented Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop rendition with it’s low-rent video. They ain’t no Frank and Bing, mind you. Love the little synchronized kick the two gents do going out the door at the end!

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  2. Faze says:

    A personal favorite is the 1971 Atlantic LP “Bobby Short Loves Cole Porter”, two discs of pure bliss.

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  3. lloydville says:

    Have you heard? It’s in the stars — next July we collide with Mars.

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