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  1. The Man Who Was . . . says:

    I’m not terribly surprised that Kubrick collected stuff. Artists collect stuff that might be useful for their art one day. Seems to me at worst an exaggeration of a tendency that most artists have.

    Though he probably should have spent more time making actual films than planning and collecting material for them.

    Notice as well how neat and organized his hoarding was.

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    • Sure, it was neat and organized b/c he could pay others to do it. Collecting hundreds (thousands?) of pictures of doorways for a single shot in a movie is a little extreme, don’t you think?


  2. Will S. says:

    I fail to see how that artisanal ice would be any better than the ice in grocery / corner store-bought bags of ice cubes, which are similarly frozen in a manner to not trap air bubbles, and which have the same advantage of no freezer taste (unless you don’t use them all up soon enough, and don’t store them in such a way as to minimize that, e.g. in Tupperware containers, tightly sealed, still in the bag, twisted and tied closed).

    The only advantage is that the bigger chunks would melt more slowly, but that also means they won’t cool your drink as quickly.

    But hey, if Mother Jones hates it, I’m for it. 🙂

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  3. bjk says:

    What stuck in my head from EWS was the Park Ave doctor getting home and cracking open a Bud can like a truck driver. That didn’t seem right. I see that Felix Salmon noticed the same thing. I may have to rethink this.

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