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Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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3 Responses to Architecture Du Jour

  1. Will S. says:

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  2. slumlord. says:

    Dubrovnik is an interesting place and in many ways highlights the limits of architecture alone in forming a great city space. Firstly, it really is a beautiful place but its beauty has poisoned its success and has driven out the civic life which also made this town a great place to live. House prices have shot up and the locals have sold them to foreigners or converted them to apartments. The net result is that the old city has no civic soul and instead has become a sort of Architectural Disneyland. The town is dead in the winter.

    My favourite town on the Croatian coast is a called Trogir and until recently it had that beautiful combination of great city life and magnificent architecture, but the rampant tourism is killing it as well. Some of the locals have noticed this as well and are trying to put the breaks on.

    Good architecture can give us great and congenial spaces to live in but if the economic and social forces are not aligned the space will fail as a civic forum.

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