Naked Lady of the Week: Amelie

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


A mere slip of a thing, with a pretty-pretty doll face and eyes that seem determined to swallow the camera, Amelie — sometimes known as Valya or Yulia — is something of a mystery. Despite being one of the more notable nude models of the last 10 years, she’s appeared on only a few sites, and no one seems to know much about her other than that she comes from Russia (where else?) and means something special to the Japanese.

The Japanese thing isn’t hard to understand: She does look like something sprung from the daydreams of a hardcore anime fan. Supposedly, she made several videos while in Nippon. This looks like one of them. And here’s a clip in which she chirps “konichiwa!”:

Reading through the comments at theNUDEeu is a trip. Page after page of speculation about Amelie, along with dozens of enthusiastic odes to her feet, which are apparently considered “perfect” by a lot of foot fetishists. (Hey, before the internet came along, did anyone realize just how prevalent foot fetishism is? I didn’t.)

She appears to be retired now. But that hasn’t stopped the speculation.

These reduced-scale shots come from MPL Studios and Femjoy. Go there for more.

Content below the jump is NSFW yet cute as a button. Not that you should be at work right now, it being Friday night and all. Have a good weekend.


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2 Responses to Naked Lady of the Week: Amelie

  1. agnostic says:

    The Japanese are turned on by her pre-pubescent figure, not uncommon among Slavs.

    Wherrrrre’s the beef?


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