Showtune Saturday: “Ya Got Me”

Eddie Pensier writes:


Cheeky re-interpretation of the hit from On The Town (1944). By replacing “Gabey” (the character the song is originally addressed to) with “baby”, it becomes a sexy innuendo-laced lovechat among a ménage à trois, if you want to read into it that way. And I do.

Performed by Judy Blazer, Donna Murphy, and Mandy Patinkin, from Leonard Bernstein’s New York, an album you’ve surely purchased in its entirety by now.

This will be the last Showtune Saturday. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of some of Broadway and Hollywood’s best songs. It’s been a pleasure sharing with you. (If you need a musical fix, just use the search box on the right for the tag “showtune saturday”.)

New weekly musical feature to come in 2015, so stay (heh) tuned.

About Eddie Pensier

Television junkie, opera buff, connoisseur of unhealthy foods, fashion watcher, art lover and admirer of beautiful people of all sexes.
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