Lobby Card Du Jour

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Ray Enright’s and Busby Berkeley’s DAMES (1934), from a screenplay by Delmar Daves.

Here’s the second number from the film, “I Only Have Eyes for You”:


  • Fabrizio on a Berkeley sequence from GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935.

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One Response to Lobby Card Du Jour

  1. Faze says:

    The most avant garde director of his time, easily the most advanced figure in the visual and performing arts in his period, Berkeley integrated music, story and scenery in ways Wagner never dreamed of, and in his combination of high artistry, populist energy, and bold sexuality, has been approached but never equalled by anything that followed. Even while he uses women’s faces and legs as design elements, he never loses sight of the peculiarities and individual detail that tie it all to the realities of everyday life, and situates his productions firmly in a specific time and place.

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