Naked Lady of the Week: Aria Giovanni

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


A mixture of Italian, Yugoslavian, French, German, Irish, and West Indian ancestry, Aria Giovanni is an exotic beauty custom-made for a Mediterranean harem. On the other hand, those eyebrows make her look like the world’s hottest East L.A. chola. Regardless, her lush curves and cat-like bedroom eyes have made her a favorite on softcore sites for almost fifteen years. Some reports say she’s retired from the modeling biz, but a check of her Twitter feed implies that she’s now focused on webcamming. Tons of galleries and vids out there via your local Google or Bing.

Do not proceed below unless you’re a fan of unclothed raven-haired vixens. Happy Friday.


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4 Responses to Naked Lady of the Week: Aria Giovanni

  1. To quote the Dirty Vicar: “I LIKE TITS!”


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  3. Reblogged this on thepageofdaniel and commented:
    A very sexy, beautiful & athletic looking glamour – girl. A departure from the toothpick – matchstick thin girls that seem to be turned out by a laboratory or factory ( like Kate Moss ) for Victoria’s Secret. Aria appears to take very good care of herself, & SHOWS it. She looks fantastic even without makeup & could make a burlap outfit look sexy ! Kudos to true beauty !


    • exo1 says:

      Yes, but Kate Moss is a catwalk model and Aria isn’t or never has been. She was a glamour model. They are different modelling disciplines that usually require different body types.

      And she has retired from modelling (all of her updates since 2012 have just been slow releases of shoots she did prior to this date). As for her webcam chats, since at least 2014 and possibly as early as 2012, they consist of her chatting about what she had for dinner and where she’s been on holiday and very much keeping her clothes on. Why people would pay her to watch such ‘entertainment’ is beyond me, but there you go.


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