Linkage: Special Jackie/Sabrina/Rolling Stone Edition

Paleo Retiree writes:

I’ve been an avid follower of the U.Va “gang-rape at a frat house” imbroglio since Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s article first appeared in Rolling Stone’s Dec. 2014 issue. When I gave the story a read it took only a couple of paragraphs before I found myself thinking, “Hooo-eee, I’ll be curious to see how this one stands up under real scrutiny.” FWIW: I’ve worked as a reporter, a researcher and a fact-checker, and I’ve spent many hours going over stories with editors and lawyers. Working my way through Erdely’s article, all my professional alarm bells were clanging. (For one big thing, it read more like a movie — or a pornographic hallucination — than it did like a description of a real event.) My shrewd and intuitive wife was even quicker to react than I was. I’d read her only a couple of sentences when she interrupted me, saying, “It’s a hoax.” So I’ve been following reactions to the Columbia J School’s recent critique of the debacle avidly too. Here are a few of the — IMHO, of course — more interesting ones, plus some fun bonus links.

  • Richard Bradley and Steve Sailer — who both did a lot to shine a searchlight on the fuckup — continue to make smart, great points.
  • Why haven’t Erdely and Rolling Stone apologized to the frat boys?
  • Why wasn’t the Columbia report even harder on Erdely and Rolling Stone?
  • Speaking of which: Why has no one been fired?
  • And why hasn’t Jackie been expelled from school?
  • Is another of Sabrina’s stories just as fake as the U.Va one? Certainly seems worth looking into.
  • Some good news.
  • Don’t feel too bad for Sabrina Erdely: According to Wikipedia, two of her articles have been bought by the movie business.
  • Did Sarah Silverman lie about getting paid less than a man?
  • OK, maybe the time has come to admit that we shouldn’t be such fanatics about moving the ladies into combat roles.
  • In the early days of the bizarro-world anti-rape-hysteria cycle we’re still going through, I did a two-part interview with a woman who, back in the bad old ’70s, really was raped while a college student on campus. (There was an investigation, a trial and a conviction. How retro!) She was very frank about her experience: Part One, Part Two. In her case, the school’s administrators, the cops and the courts were nearly all sympathetic to and respectful of her ordeal. Is it really conceivable that, in the decades since her rape, authority figures have become less sensitive to the issue, or to the victims? Given all the sensitivity training that has gone on, as well as all the women who have moved into positions of authority, how on earth could that be?

Curious to hear about any and all other good articles and postings about the episode.

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1 Response to Linkage: Special Jackie/Sabrina/Rolling Stone Edition

  1. slumlord. says:

    I surprised that there hasn’t been more commentary about this considering the flagrant ethical abuses that have gone on with regard to this story. Yeah, I know the Cathedral doesn’t do self-recrimination but where is the community opposition to this stuff?

    Democracy is tired.

    I think it has been well established that all professionals, when acting in their professional capacity have a “duty of care” to others. Journalist have a duty of care with respect to the truth and Erdely failed miserably. Any other professional, showing the same neglect of care would have been dismissed. The should be leading this first and foremost, since they’re always lecturing us about journalistic privilege in pursuit of the truth and here is one of there own, caught in flagrante delicto and all we get is friggin murmuring and shrugs.

    And what about Jackie? Is the country so piss weak that a woman can make up a story, which wastes the cop’s time (cause they don’t have anything else to do), slanders a fraternity, wastes thousands in tax payers dollars and do nothing about it?

    Some black guy holds up a store and steals a bottle of whiskey and is in the klink for years but “Jackie” wastes thousands of dollars of community resources and no one has the balls to even call her out on it. Instead we provide bullshit excuses for her motives. It’s the white pussy pass writ large.

    Thank God, the fraternity is going to sue. I hope it bankrupts Rolling Stone and leaves Erdely destitute. But it is a fucking shame that all the other people who should have been baying for blood at the betrayal of the truth have remained silent. Where are the cojones?

    The Founding Fathers would have been disgusted. Let it all burn!


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