Couldn’t Do It Today

Blowhard, Esq. writes:



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11 Responses to Couldn’t Do It Today

  1. JV says:

    Ha. The Stones sure did push some buttons back in the day.

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  2. Toddy Cat says:

    Hell, I couldn’t believe that they did it at the time. The early-mid 1970’s were probably the high point for freedom of speech in this country, insofar as you could get away with almost anything. Show this image to a modern SJW, and they would probably actually explode…

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  3. JV says:

    Is that graffiti on the billboard, where it says, “This is a crime against!”? Against women? Well, I suppose it is.


  4. Funny how the idea that the girl might be enjoying herself doesn’t occur to some of the protestors …

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    • slumlord. says:

      No, it doesn’t and I find this fascinating. The whole idea that domination can be pleasurable, indeed, desired, rubs so against the grain of contemporary culture that it really is one of the real “taboo” topics that no one wants to touch. And what’s more bizarre, it’s funny how feminists and social conservatives seem to walk in lockstep on this issue.

      Porn gets dismissed by many as simple smut yet the whole BDSM thing may be saying something about our human natures. Perhaps BDSM, especially the soft versions of it, are an escape from mandatory equality.


  5. Icepick says:

    You sure this couldn’t happen today? Wasn’t Target selling 50 Shades bondage gear just around the aisle from the Easter Bunny stuff?

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  6. H.D. Miller says:

    In 1982, I remember getting into an mild argument with a slightly older, hippie chick friend of mine because she objected that the lyrics of “Under My Thumb” were too misogynistic. I tried to tell her that it was about relational dynamics, but she was having none of it.

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    • Faze says:

      Even if they are misogynistic, it’s a great song. Music emerges from the uncensored realm of dreams (and I don’t mean fantasies). I feel sorry for anyone who has a politically correct dream life.

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  7. Toddy Cat says:

    “Funny how the idea that the girl might be enjoying herself doesn’t occur to some of the protesters”

    Well, it’s not like any of the protesters, male or female, would have actually encountered many heterosexual females, or had much sex of any sort. The girl in the poster certainly looks pretty happy. I can vouch for the fact that, back in 1973 or so, had the Stone called for female volunteers for BDSM, there would have gotten a lot of takers. Probably still would…


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