Naked Lady of the Week: Heidi Romanova

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Heidi, who has posed under a bunch of different names, seems to be one of the hotter nude models around. She’s posed for most of the big photographers. I love the expressive kitty-cat face, the green eyes, and that beguiling mole above her lip. But it’s the hair that really does it; it’s a Pre-Raphaelite’s dream.

I can’t figure out whether she’s Latvian or Russian. Reports vary.

I am fond of a photo she posted on Facebook in which she is sitting on a park bench and looking down at her outstretched feet in a way that is both pensive and slightly mournful. It’s a pose that only young women affect. What is the import of this pose? My sense is that the girls who assume it have for a moment stepped outside of themselves and are contemplating their beauty in the semi-detached manner that everyone else does. And perhaps somewhere in that contemplation lies an inkling of the inevitability of its fading. Or maybe they’re just identifying with their shoes.

These scaled-down photos come from Wow Girls and related sites, MetArt, and Hegre-Art. I’m sure you can find lots of more of Heidi at any of those fine establishments.

Nudity below. Happy summer.



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