(Semi) Naked Ladies of the Week: Girls of Zishy

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


I don’t know about you, but I like looking at real (if beautiful) girls; Photoshopped-smooth simulacrums of pulchritude aren’t what get me going. Internet nudity used to offer a ton of funky naturalness — it’s what first attracted me to it. But now that internet porn is mainstream, much of what you find out there looks a lot like the digital-era version of “Playboy.” That is, drained of personality. And it can be so over-explicit, sometimes in a way that’s almost clinical. Zishy and its proprietor Zach Venice have provided a corrective to that. Zishy is an erotica site that doesn’t skimp on natural textures and funkiness. The avoidance of beaver shots, special effects, and post-production tinkering hasn’t resulted in boring pictures. Just the opposite — the photos on Zishy are enjoyable largely because you can sense the photographer and the models improvising as they try come up with interesting poses, looks, and attitudes. There’s a sense of fun and play in them. They have personality.

There’s not much outright nudity on Zishy. Venice has a keen sense for tease. He understands that part of what makes cheesecake so enjoyable is its tantalizing intimation of more: you keep looking because you haven’t seen everything.  The “about” page on Zishy makes this clear:

This site is about photography, fun, tease, and of course, attractive young women. The aim is to excite and entertain through an innocent and playful means. For all those bored (and possibly overwhelmed) by porn and nudity on the Web, but still interested in seeing beautiful girls in photos, Zishy is for you.

I believe the below models are Lilly Gardner, Anastasia Black, Rachel Snowflake, Alice Wonder, Anya Amsel, Ashlee Hills, Blake Crawford, Bree Abernathy, Debbie Vogel, and Natalie Moore. Cheesecake-style naughtiness below the jump. Have a great weekend.


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2 Responses to (Semi) Naked Ladies of the Week: Girls of Zishy

  1. agnostic says:

    Many of the pictures on that site show how important it is in portraits to isolate the subject from their surroundings — shoot closer up, use shallow focus, etc.

    Otherwise, an overly busy background that is in crisp focus overwhelms the subject — the result is a picture of the advertising on a gym wall that happens to have a girl posing in front of it, or a picture of a disgustingly cluttered apartment that by the way has a chick spread-eagle on the couch.

    Even the one of that girl standing in front of the door looks weird because the auto-focus latched onto the plane of the door and the blinds, instead of the girl in front of it. The textures and lines on that door are super-sharp, while the subject’s necklace, teeth, eyes, and body overall, are just slightly out of focus. (Manual focus was not an option since that picture was shot with a phone.)

    The classic cheesecake pin-ups had a solid color background, maybe with a prop (talking on a telephone). Focus was only on the girl.

    There’s a reason why photography is a profession — crappy phone pictures don’t give the image a raw, edge-y verite, they just make it look bland and distracting.


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