Fenster writes:

  • Fenster agrees a lot with what Mickey Kaus has to say.  In this case, though he has no idea who Fenster is, it is Mickey Kaus who agrees with Fenster on the worrisome possibility of an emerging Downton Economy.
  • The estimable Alex Beam, who also is a fan of Kaus, says get off Twitter.  Perhaps Fenster is not the one to weigh in since he has never joined, never Tweeted, never read a Tweet except in a regurgitated state.  It seems to me like hive mind in action–all about spreading cootie memes with little of benefit of reasoned thought.
  • According one one wonk, the numbers seems “stacked against” the idea of upstate New York seceding and either forming its own state or joining with Pennsylvania.  The latter idea is mostly being pushed in the Southern Tier, which is  eyeing the fracking taking place across the border denied to New York by state policy.  The idea of a separate state has broader appeal because of the feeling that the City leeches.  Alas, while downstate is high expenditure it is also high revenue, with the result that the net flow of subsidy is from south to north.  Maybe breaking apart is a good idea in the long run on the grounds that the north should be allowed to pursue a redder future.  But it won’t be easy since Albany and Manhattan are not the only problems.
  • On the other hand, maybe upstate has reached bottom and the separate state idea has merit on the grounds of buy low sell high.  Maybe the cool kids are on to something.


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Gainfully employed for thirty years, including as one of those high paid college administrators faculty complain about. Earned Ph.D. late in life and converted to the faculty side. Those damn administrators are ruining everything.
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  1. agnostic says:

    “But it won’t be easy since Albany and Manhattan are not the only problems.”

    Buffalo’s population is now only 46% white. Rochester is worse.

    They ought to call the bluff of liberal pansies in Canada and offer to pay for a huge chunk of the blacks and ricans to permanently settle over the border, say in Toronto, where already half the population is foreign-born.

    Cynically spin it as offering them a more culturally tolerant, less racist society to belong to — and one with superior health care. We all know how gridlocked the American government is — waiting for racist America to do right by minorities could take too long, while settling Canada would spare them the decades and decades of enduring redneck racism.

    All of the Great Lakes cities should follow suit, btw. Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, everyone. Outsiders would be shocked by how dark the Great Lakes cities are, compared to places just a little south in Columbus, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, etc., where whites make up an additional 20-30% of the population and form a majority.

    You can bet that solving their population problems would provoke retaliation from Da City and Albany, so they have to ask whether a pitiful stream of subsidies is worth cultural enslavement?


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