Naked Lady of the Week: Edwige Fenech

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


For my money, Edwige Fenech is to the ’70s what Bardot was to the ’60s: the preeminent sex queen of the European cinema. Admittedly, this is a crown she wears in my imagination only: the general moviegoer on this side of the Atlantic has never heard of her. Yet what a lovely woman, and what an unusually placid and unashamed presence. I’ll co-sign this quote from Italian comedy legend Alberto Soldi:

La Fenech, the beautiful — the most beautiful. A marble statue whose nudity does not provoke morbid ideas. Her nudity provokes only pleasure.

Though she’s known for her work in Italian genre films, she was born in Tunisia. I believe her parents are from Sicily and Malta.

Nudity below. Don’t kill yourself Christmas shopping — or watching “Star Wars.”


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