Naked Lady of the Week: Sophie Sweet

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


The Hungarian Sophie Sweet, also known as Sophie Moone, helped make European nude modeling an internet thing. Her lithe, hairless bod and gummy-toothy smile are, to my mind, emblematic of an aesthetic that characterized internet cheesecake in the early 2000s, one that may have grown out of alternative “amateur” magazines of the era. It was an aesthetic that emphasized naturalness, smoothness, and faux-cheerleader cleanliness over Vegas-style crassness and exaggeration, and it’s probably rightly thought of as a reaction against the glistening, pumped-up phoniness of late “Playboy,” “Penthouse,” and the like.

Not that Sophie couldn’t do sophisticated — she always looked great when photographers like Viv Thomas put her in lingerie and glamour makeup. But it was almost impossible to make her look decadent or obscene. A best-friend’s-little-sister aura hung over everything she did. Until, that is, age took that away from her, and she became just another handsome, perhaps-a-tad-too-thin woman taking her clothes off for the camera. Happens to the best of them. According to a commenter at TheNudeEU, “her real name is Renata, and she runs a local pet shop in Budapest now.”

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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