Music Du Jour: “Sitting in Limbo”

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

I’ve never been much of a reggae fan, but I’m trying to correct that blind spot. One website described “The Harder They Come” soundtrack as an ideal introduction to the genre, and hey, I’ve been pleased to discover that I’m enjoying it a lot. This Jimmy Cliff track, recorded at Muscle Shoals, is one of my favorites on the album.

You can sample the full album here or buy the MP3 version on Amazon for only $5.

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2 Responses to Music Du Jour: “Sitting in Limbo”

  1. JV says:

    The Harder They Come is indeed the ultimate “Intro to Reggae” album, as the songwriting is so good that the songs would work in almost any genre. The movie is good too. And Jimmy Cliff’s voice is heavenly. If you’re looking to expand your reggae listening, I’d recommended, aside from the obvious Marley albums, the British band Steel Pulse. Top-notch musicianship, great songwriting, very groovy reggae feel, and probably the best singer in reggae, aside from Cliff himself. From there, you can dive off the deep end into things like Lee “Scratch” Perry’s deep dub experimentations, the super fun and catchy ska of The Skatalites or Desmond Dekker, I could go on. There’s A LOT of crap reggae, but the good stuff is really great.

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  2. ricardo says:

    I second the Desmond Dekker recommendation. Check out the many compilations from Trojan Records, especially the Tighten Up series. They cover ska and rocksteady too.

    And get yourself a Dandy Livingstone station on Pandora …

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