Naked Lady of the Week: Kristine Kahill

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


This week’s naked lady was recommended by Paleo Retiree, who noticed her on the great Pale, slender, with breasts the size of demure tea cups, she suggests a downmarket version of Natalie Portman. That inborn decorousness is vital to her performances: Like most of the divas featured on Kink, go-for-broke extremism is her thing, and the fairytale looks make her daredevil acts of submission seem all the more sensational. is something of an institution at this point, isn’t it? I’m struck with admiration every time I view one of their free clips, or come across one of their full videos on a site like Pornhub. For what it’s worth, I think their stuff has little to do with degradation; it’s more about daringness, commitment, and surrender. I suspect the folks who love watching a girl like Kristine give herself up to the moment are those who are likely to be moved by watching an actress transcend herself — and maybe sacrifice a piece of herself — through her absolute commitment to a role. At some level all women are actresses, and they all want to lose themselves in a part.

It’s a pity that James Franco’s documentary on was such a bore.

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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