Naked Lady of the Week: Liz Vicious

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Former erotica entrepreneur Liz Vicious always sort of reminded me of Ann Dvorak, one of the few actresses to choose a stage name easily pronounceable by no one. “My fake name is properly pronounced vor’shack,” she once said, “I have had quite a time with the name, having been called practically everything from Balzac to Bickelsrock.”

Liz’s stage name was a lot easier to say. It was also easy to remember, being an extension of her obvious predilection for punk-inspired ‘tude and styling. Her photos communicate an affection for novelty, a teasing spirit, and a willingness to use those big sea foam-colored eyes to suggest a vulnerability begging to be exploited. Apparently she appeared in some hardcore videos, but, believe it or not (probably not), I haven’t seen any of them.

Here’s her bio from IMDB:

Hot, wild, and slender Goth girl Liz Vicious was born on Octopber 31, 1987 in Dayton, Ohio. Liz made a bold and impressive film debut as the sexy, but evil and deadly Lilith in the racy erotic horror thriller “Succubus XXX.” Known for her fiery auburn hair, petite 5’4″ build, brash and uninhibited persona, and dry sense of sarcastic humor, Vicious enjoys drawing and has two tattoos. Moreover, Liz runs her own explicit official website with graphic adult photo shoots and video shorts. Her favorite band is Type O Negative and her favorite movie is “The Fifth Element.” She released the instrumental album “Vicious Succubus” in 2011. Vicious lives in Springboro, Ohio.

Googling her name reveals that she disappeared from view rather suddenly. There’s a discussion of the topic on Reddit. And another on IGN. The latter yields the following wisdom: “If the booty ain’t fat or the titties ain’t huge I ain’t neva watched none of her vids anyway.”

Nudity, albeit none of the fat-booty variety, below. Have a great weekend.

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1 Response to Naked Lady of the Week: Liz Vicious

  1. JV says:

    She looks like girls I dated in the early 90s. Fun as hell and nothing but drama and heartache, ha.


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