Naked Lady of the Week: Demi Moore

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Is Demi Moore the biggest actress to pose for full-on beaver shots in the years before she became famous? Bardot seems to have posed for some (though I suspect they were not intended for publication). I suppose she outranks Demi. Can you think of others?

But the fame of the subject is surely secondary to her grooming habits. Looking at these photos your average twenty-year-old likely asks two questions: 1) Who is Demi Moore? and 2) At what point following the publication of these photos were razors invented?

Look, there are hairy pussies and then there are habitats supportive of indigenous wildlife. That thing is so wild looking I suspect it has ecosystems. Yes, plural. I imagine David Attenborough embarking on the filming of a documentary series about it, manfully trudging in, and then phoning the BBC to tell them that he needs more cameras. And a pith helmet.

And yet I like it.

Nudity below. Enjoy the weekend.

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Recovering liberal arts major. Unrepentant movie nut. Aspiring boozehound.
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3 Responses to Naked Lady of the Week: Demi Moore

  1. Thursday says:

    Trivia: the trend towards shaved and waxed privates has apparently led to the near extinction of crabs among Western populations. Imagine that, millions of years of evolution only to fall to a grooming trend.


  2. The crabs need to be designated as a protected species so the EPA can step in and save critical habitats.


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