A Headline Rewritten by SJWs

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Via The Daily Mail, a video of the “Incredible moment human chain forms to save woman trapped in her car just as it gets swept away in ferocious Maryland flood.”

Some wags on FB tried to imagine how progressive websites would’ve addressed the story:

Salon: Does Heroism Have A White Male Problem?

Everyday Feminism: A Group of Men Sexually Harassed Me In The Middle of a Life-Threatening Storm. But My Body Was Not Their Plaything.

Vox: Is The Human Chain George W. Bush’s Fault?

FiveThirtyEight: Why There’s A 93% Chance The Men In The Human Chain Are Trump Voters

Cosmopolitan: How To Rock The Man Chain

Elite Daily: Why You Can Still Be A Feminist Even After Fapping To A Man Chain Gangbang Fantasy

The Mary Sue: Why The Woman In The Maryland Flood Should Be Cast As She-Hulk

xojane: It Happened To Me: Pulled From My Car By Five White Men

Jezebel: Five Maryland Men Are Being Applauded For Having Their Way With Mother Nature And It Is NOT Okay

BuzzFeed: Here’s What It Would Look Like If The Disney Princesses Empowered The Woman In The Maryland Flood

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1 Response to A Headline Rewritten by SJWs

  1. peterike says:

    It’s funny because it’s true.

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