Naked Lady of the Week: Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Last month Cassandra Peterson announced that this may be her last year dressing up as the iconic Elvira for fans at ComicCon. Before she began her decades-long stint as the Mistress of the Dark, Peterson appeared in a Fellini movie, was a Groundling, and posed for a number of men’s magazines. These pics have been on the Internet from Day 1, but it’s always nice to revisit the soft lighting and coy-yet-direct-push-pull sexiness of the 70s.

Wild bush after the jump. Have a good weekend.

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2 Responses to Naked Lady of the Week: Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira

  1. jjbees says:

    She definitely has that classic sorceress beauty a la the covers of old fantasy sword-and-sorcery novels.

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  2. Mustang says:

    This woman had been my ultimate fantasy my entire adult life.

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