Naked Lady of the Week: September Carrino

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


September Carrino, former Playboy model and possessor of a rack that requires its own ZIP code, once wrote about her love of horror movies:

I like gore, I like messes. If you’ve got blood, I’ll take it! And for a woman to say that, now that is definitely unique!

If I were able to be in a horror movie today, I think like most women, I would want to play the part of a sexy vampire. I’d want a wardrobe with something like a satin corset, lace, (think very Victorian age), high heel boots, and a gothic choker around my pale neck but with perfectly sharp blood red lips that part to expose my pointed fangs. I would want to start off as a sexy vamp, then just before the kill, turn into the worst kind of monster and go all sorts of nuts on my victim! (Remember, the more blood, the better.) Kind of like Selma Hayek did in From Dusk Till Dawn. It is all about the element of surprise.

Indeed, Ms. Carrino, indeed. Many, many things about your are surprising, not the least of which is how you have sufficient back strength to stand upright.

Bountiful busty boobage after the jump. Have a good weekend.

Just look at how the poor thing is being destroyed by the male gaze in that final picture.


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