Naked Ladies of the Week: Girls of Abby Winters

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Started in 2000, the warts-and-all porn site Abby Winters is now something of an institution. It’s also  a throwback to the days when the internet was full of idiosyncratic outfits specializing in nude content. Now it often seems as though all internet porn either derives from a handful of gatekeepers or is self-posted by its subjects. Sigh. Is there no aspect of life that isn’t prone to increasing centralization?

The site’s PR has always held that it’s pro-female, body-positive, and all-natural. I think we can take that PR at face value despite the suggestion that its eponymous creator, supposedly a woman intent on deglamorizing porn, is entirely fictional. The site’s models always seem to be having fun. And, perhaps because the photographer has taken pains to include the girls in the porn-making process, they always seem wonderfully present. The photography, for its part, does a good job of evoking funkiness and the rumpled, unhurried eroticism of an amatory summer afternoon.

Below I’ve presented for your delectation three AW models who strike my fancy. They’re named, in order of appearance, Annabella, Giselle, and McKenzie. Many more can be found at

Nudity below. Enjoy the weekend.

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