A Song for Tuesday

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

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2 Responses to A Song for Tuesday

  1. Faze says:

    From what is for me, the Rolling Stones most enjoyable period: “12 X 5” through “Aftermath” and “Between the Buttons”. Even the throwaway album “Flowers” has great songs on it. Then … “Satanic Majesty” and the highly mixed bag (with isolated masterpieces) that followed, concluding with “Goat’s Head”. Jagger and Richards’ (and Jones) first essays into pop song-writing were delightful, eclectic and unique.

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  2. Faze says:

    Interesting article on the Rolling Stones, race, and the “whiteness” of rock. The writer gets some things right, and some things wrong, and constantly shifts his frame of reference to fit the Stones into his black and white theory. The fact is, the Stones transcended their blackface minstrel roots, and quickly became something wildly individual, before petering out.


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