Naked Ladies of the Week: Shannon Tweed and Andi Currie

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


This week I present two classics from the old man’s porn collection.

As a kid I took Shannon Tweed as representing all that was lyrical and untrammeled in women. Sure she was sexy, but she was sexy in that sophisticated-but-wholesome way in which “Playboy” specialized. I remember being particularly taken with her large, puffy nipples and strawberry-blonde bush. (Women can be blonde down there? Wow!) The 1982 Playmate of the Year, and later an actress in a host of television shows and trashy movies, Tweed is now probably most famous for being married to Kiss tongue man Gene Simmons. Now whenever I look at her I can’t help but think of that big gorilla. Thanks, Gene.

(By the way, according to Wikipedia, Tweed was introduced to “Playboy” by a Canadian “wish-fulfillment TV series” called “Thrill of a Lifetime.” Can you imagine a TV show of today serving as a young woman’s entree into porn? I can’t. As we like to say around here: couldn’t do it today.)

I don’t believe Andi Currie was ever known for much besides posing for a few magazine layouts, but her 1976 work for “Club” is enough to place her among the immortals as far as I’m concerned. Photographed by the super-talented Fred Enke, the pictorial has the lazy-but-brimming quality of a late summer afternoon. And Andi is so sensual she’s nearly pungent. What is communicated by that expression with which she looks directly at the camera? Disdain, maybe? Defiance? She wants you to take her, but you’re gonna have to rise to her standards. If not, look out! Your fantasy Shannon Tweed might deign to have pity on you, but not your fantasy Andi Currie. You’ll be lucky to get out of there alive.

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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