Naked Lady of the Week: Kseniya Yankovskaya

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


What inspires a young woman of today to cultivate a big overgrown bush? Innate quirkiness? Wilfulness? A passion for the heterodox?

In the case of a nude model I suspect the bush is related to marketing. If you’re attractive and willing to get naked for money, but you’re not the girl with the big boobs, and you’re not the girl with the big ass, you can always be the girl with the big bush. If all goes well, you and your bush might succeed in developing a following.

Kseniya, who is Russian, seems to enjoy flaunting her bush. In fact, it’s the focal point of most of her photos. And as bushes go, it’s a nice one.

Still, I wonder if the art of presenting a bush hasn’t declined since its heyday in the ’70s. Back then, in upscale publications like Penthouse, the bush was often part of the gauzy-poetic, mystery-of-woman brand of sensuality that was being promoted. The ’70s bush was an invitation to exoticism, to adventure. Nowadays, subjected to the hard lighting favored by contemporary photographers, and treated in the un-nuanced and over-explicit manner that characterizes so much of our culture, it often seems like nothing much more than…hair.

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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