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  1. Tarrou says:

    The violence of the left is at once appalling, and hilariously counterproductive. Shaving cream and glitter? A few hundred Antifa scum manage to pepper spray a small girl and bludgeon an old man unconscious? Do they know who they are dealing with? The right is largely too old and employed to be rioting, but if we become invested enough, we have the numbers, we have the training, we have the organizational ability, and crucially, we have the guns. We are not taking this lying down. The left will beg for the days of political nonviolence before we are done.

    The organization has begun. From the Oathkeepers to the Kekistanis, FOAK and the Proud Boys, organizations are springing up or expanding their purview to include physical confrontation. My chapter put two dozen lads along with a hundred plus from other organizations on the streets of Ann Arbor yesterday as security for the anti-Sharia march. The cops will not protect the political right, we have to do it ourselves.


    • JV says:

      I agree the violence and utter intolerance of the Antifa movement is abhorrent, and I find myself drifting rightward every time I see or read about a new incident. I have to ask you, though, about the anti-Sharia protests. What are you protesting, exactly? Are there movements to enact Sharia law in the US?


  2. JV says:

    From that test: “Liberalism refers to acceptance of historically illegal or immoral social practices or customs.”

    Humorous. Fun test though, even if they do try to separate out collectivism and liberalism.


  3. JV says:

    “Are subsidies for electric vehicles in fact making things worse?”

    From the article, looks like it’s a combo of how auto manufacturers are applying CAFE standards, and a flaw in the standards themselves. Car makers get credits for zero-emission EVs fleet-wide and apply those by not improving emissions from standard vehicles. Regulations should not be fleet-wide, instead be separated out into parallel standards so that the result is both more EVs and cleaner standard vehicles.


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