Movie Du Jour: “Cluny Brown” (1946)

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

Lubitsch’s last completed movie which, for some reason, isn’t discussed or cited as frequently as his other classics. Charles Boyer and Jennifer Jones are excellent. Pauline Kael wrote:

A girl with a passion for plumbing is terribly repugnant to stuffy people who don’t want to admit they have drains. This wonderfully suggestive idea is at the center of Ernst Lubitsch’s mischievous satire of English propriety, set in contemporary rural England. Jennifer Jones is Cluny (it’s her lightest, funniest performance, rivalled only by her dippy blonde in Beat the Devil) and Charles Boyer is a debonair scrounger — a displaced European sophisticate who encourages her to flout social conventions. These two are surrounded by a prime collection of English class and mass types. It’s a lovely, easy-going comedy, full of small surprising touches.

You can watch it on YouTube.


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