Naked Lady of the Week: Gabriella

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Ah, the cool blonde. Is she ever really out of fashion?

The Hungarian Gabriella, sometimes known as Gaby or Mia, was one of the top nude models in Europe before she threw in the towel earlier in the year. This despite the fact that she has smallish boobs and mostly keeps her legs closed.

The latter custom seems to have caused some consternation among her fans. Says one inconsiderate horndog: “She is absolutely gorgeous. But there are now 3 photo sets and I am still waiting for a good shot of that pussy. What does it look like? I don’t yet know.”

Fortunately, we know what she thinks of such complaints. She wrote the following on the message boards of TheNudeEU:

you know there is life beyond being a porn actress and showing pink all over the internet for little money. I have respect for girls who does, and intelligent enough not to spend the money for drugs, but it is just not my thing.

and Just because you do not know about other, better, well paid modeling work, does not mean it does not exist. And maaaybe you cannot imagine, but not all of the girls are dumb as hell, and can manage life without showing pussy all over. I never wanted to show more than I am comfy with, just for bucks! And I will never do even for a million dollars. That is not what I worked for until now.

so go ahead and look at those who did!

thanks for the cute words though, best wishes

the model

Strong and perhaps admirable words. But I do wonder about the contradiction wherein nude models who “show pink all over the internet” make “little money” and those who do not are “well paid.” Maybe she means that a model of her stature need not sacrifice modesty in order to be well compensated? I think that’s probably it. She’s saying, “I’m good enough to be successful without submitting to that.” Fair enough.

Speaking of money, I often find myself wondering about the economics of the nude-modeling biz. And since no one has bothered to make a good documentary or Netflix series on the topic, my understanding is limited to vague assumptions and whatever I can glean from an interview or public comment. Like some other popular models, Gabriella founded her own website, called Fall In Lust. I imagine this allows a model to cut out the middle man and take a larger percentage of the profits generated by her pictures. But there are obvious downsides to such an arrangement. For one thing, you have to hire solid photographers, and they cost money. For another, the commodity in which you’re dealing is endlessly reproducible and accessible free of cost.

Gabriella addressed some of these downsides in her final post on TheNudeEU:

Hi Everyone,

This is Gaby here. I wanna apologize for not updating on my website for a very long time. The site made literally no money which I could use for making new series regularly and my life went through lots of change as well.

So Indeed, I needed to close it. I will refund every charge which happened this, 2017 year. I did not fully count on people stealing and spreading all the images for free, instead of considering to pay the subscription fee. This saddened me because I really did try to put something nice out there, even though it wasn’t anything groundbreaking or unique and people did not get that there is no one else behind the site but me. If nobody pays for it, it is just not gonna sustain itself, eventually. I could not keep up with all the work for almost no money.

I appreciate everyone who took any interest in the work I did over the years, even though it is an attention I did not really wish for. I somehow ended up liking modeling and I found no problem with tasteful nudity either. Sometimes attention went a little too far and I was not into that. I did not wish for that part of the deal. It might seem that I am an exhibitionist but I actually have a pretty shy personality. I am just very curious to new things in life. There was a lot of great stuff coming out of this job, and I am glad I did it. I would not be where I am now. It shaped me and helped me to get to know myself and change my shyness for the better too. But lately, I got to a certain point in life where I started to doubt that having lots of attention from the internet, social media etc will have nothing to do with my happiness. So the need for a change just organically happened.

Anyways, not sure any of this makes sense, just wanted to put the word out there since I stumbled upon these wondering comments about me.

You all have a great day and thanks for reading!

A touching and seemingly very candid summation of her career. I note that she recently turned 30, a fact which — just playing devil’s advocate here — may have played a not-inconsiderable part in her decision to call it quits, whether she’s conscious of it or not. But, then, the best rationalizations are both convenient and true.

Here’s hoping she’s enjoying the next stage of her life.

Nudity below. Enjoy the weekend.

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