Progressivism = Will-To-Power

Sir Barken Hyena writes:

Here’s the easy key to understanding what the left does and says these days: it’s all, 100% an expression of the will-to-power. Only the rank and file useful idiots actually make an attempt to “believe” the impossible-to-believe ideological silliness. All of that is purely for the troops. The less they really know about the big war plans, the better. After all, if they knew the end goal, would they so willingly lemming themselves off the cliff for the benefit of the owners?

For example, take the recent news from Google. No doubt the leadership believe they are doing good with their diversity policy, no doubt they are utterly brainwashed themselves. Thing is, the will-to-power is an instinct, so it requires no awareness, and no conscious cognition to function. The conscious mind can chatter away with its blithe excuses while the real work happens down below. It’s true of all of us. So, in a way, Progressives aren’t hypocrites. They have totally veiled their own selfish interests from themselves, and there’s simply no facet of the ideology that attempts to teach self-awareness. Being  a doctrine of Materialism, Progressivism simply hasn’t got any spiritual point of view that could fuel a look within.

But that policy also happens to have the effect of potentially knocking down the very highly paid white male programmers that they are totally dependent on. Well, what a shock.

Let’s not be children about this. I’ve been in IT for 20+ years, I know my world like the back of my hand. Here’s the truth: the world’s digital infrastructure is utterly dependent on white male programmers, mostly Americans. It works like this: the top tier of programmers is 90% white, the remainder is Asian and Indian. The middle and lower tiers are dominated by Indians mostly (there aren’t nearly as many Asians here), who take direction from the whites. They are very diligent, solid workers but they are simply not capable of the independence of mind and “Let’s go do it!” ethos of the whites. They are trained by their culture to be submissive, to take orders well, not to rock the boat, to cover their asses at every turn because someone is sure to kick them in it otherwise. White American guys give not two fucks about any of that. We will never get the innovation and quality from Asians and Indians that we need without the leadership of whites.

As for women, I’ve worked with four (4) female programmers in 20 years. One was first rate, of the others one was Chinese and forced into it by her parents, the other two are no longer doing it. I asked the good one: has she ever faced discrimination in her career? No hesitation: “Nope.”

Take a deep breath: women by and large detest computers, much less programming. Indeed anything at all that has the air of geekiness about it is a total turn off to them, by and large. Think prog rock.

There are also very, very few African American or Hispanic programmers, but I don’t know why that would be.

This means white male workers such as myself command the highest salaries. The whole IT industry would just love for this to change. They are using “diversity” as a fig leaf to control and cow their arrogant white male programmer workforce — what a shocking thing from a huge corporation! And what better way to put some heft into it than to fire one of them for calling them out, as I have, with simple plain TRUTH.

So, please, red-pillers, and opponents of Progressivism and its poisonous effects, let’s have no more engagement with Progressives on their silly and transparent “arguments”. They themselves are utterly incapable of defending them. They can only say “NAZI!!!!” to truth tellers because they have no real belief or understanding of what they themselves think. It means nothing more than “We’re totally out of ammo”. It’s far better to drive them to apoplexy so they have to hang up the phone, run away, and await new orders from The Times.

About Sir Barken Hyena

IT professional and veteran of start ups. Life long musician and songwriter. Voracious reader of dead white guys. Lover of food and women.
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13 Responses to Progressivism = Will-To-Power

  1. I’m liberal in most things. I’ve enjoyed the thoughtful posts on Uncouth Reflections but this– this progressives=will-to-power, whatever that means, crosses some kind of line. It’s frightening nonsense. My favorite line is, “As for women, I’ve worked with four (4)… .” Wow.

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    • Sad you can’t articulate what’s nonsensical about it.

      I know what’s “frightening”, though: the fact that it isn’t nonsense.

      21 years in software development. Pretty much the same view of things, except that none of the women I’ve known in the field were competent. About the same total, though, and we all know what they say about anecdote and data.

      But if you know software development and you know women, can you imagine more than a tiny number of women being interested? It’s absurd. Plenty of women have high IQs; damn few of those want to think about algorithms and data structures all day.

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    • slumlord says:

      When you fire someone for speaking the Truth you have become an enemy of the Truth. And the only reason you fire someone for speaking the Truth is because you want to assert a lie in place of a Truth. It is an exercise of power.

      When you can’t win an argument by appeal to the facts the only way you can win it is by dominating the other. Ergo, will to power. Damore told the Truth and was fired. Liberals cheered.

      It’s not that hard.

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    • James, that means 4 women PROGRAMMERS. I have worked with lots and lots of women like everyone else and almost without exception have had fun and cordial relationships. But thats because, in general, women love me.


    • The meaning of will-to-power is not arcane, not sure why you need to dissemble.

      Also, I can’t help remarking that you’re just a bit naive about ideology and politics generally if you think it can’t and isn’t being used this way. Are you a student of history? If so you should know that not only does this happen, it’s quite normal, in particular in late stages like we’re in: Progressivism is over 100 years old

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    • Will S. says:

      “Wow.” The oh-so-typical inarticulate response of those with no actual rebuttal.

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  2. JV says:

    I’ve been in IT for 15 years, albeit on the front-end, and I can’t argue with your percentages or analysis. I’ve worked with more women than you, perhaps because I’m a front-end dev, which is kind of a cross-section of programming and design. The best developer on my team currently is a woman. Geez I hate to bring it up, but she’s gay. I can’t deny there’s something to that.

    Your characterization of Indian and Asian programmers aligns with my experience. Solid programmers, and generally nice people, the Indians especially, and the women in particular. But yeah, almost none are top-tier programmers. I can’t remember a testing team that wasn’t almost exclusively made up of Indian women. PQE and QC work is exacting, tedious and utterly crucial, and guys just don’t do it, for the most part.

    Anyway, I’m your basic liberal, but I’m not totally on board with the forced diversity thing. Give everyone an opportunity, for sure, and encourage women and minorities to get the technical degrees and go in to the field. But it is what it is. Women get 18% of the computer science degrees and Google’s programmers and 20% women. I’d say Google is doing just fine, in that case.


  3. peterike says:

    Indeed, the will to power is there, but the troops don’t know it. This idea was neatly codified decades ago by James Burnham who wrote in a Cold War context (quoting from memory): “The difference between a Liberal and a Communist is that the Communist knows what he’s doing.”

    Now, it’s the hardcore globalists and the troops, but the dynamic is precisely the same. The Liberals in Burnham’s time didn’t grasp that they were, in effect, supporting a repressive totalitarian ideology, but they were really good at spouting slogans and virtue signalling, though we hadn’t come up with term yet.

    Communism was ALWAYS about power. Only a naif wouldn’t understand this after a century of Communism (or a red diaper baby still waiting for the “real” Communism to appear). Now, of course, Communism isn’t economic, as the Communists and the Global Capitalists are on the same team, both working to crush labor (at least white labor).

    Anyway, on the programming side, I’ve been in the software industry more than 20 years and agree with your assessment of programmers, though I think less of the talents of Indian QA teams. QA is under-rated as a field where creativity and, especially, imagination are needed. You can get a bunch of people running test routines all day, but they aren’t creatively finding problems or putting themselves into the customer’s shoes, which is what a good QA team will do.

    Though it is true that a lot of the QA people are Indian women. Which i found was often the wives of the programmers, and yet another sneaky form of chain migration.

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  5. Will S. says:

    Sometimes, progressivism just seems like “get back at daddy”, like a girl who dated me some years back for the same reason she had previously been married to a wetback, because she knew dating / marrying foreign darkies would piss off her daddy.

    I think it really is as simple as that, for many young women.

    I don’t understand young straight men embracing it, other than in the vain hopes of getting in said chicks’ pants.

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  7. Egads and little catfishes, I am torn between a desire to defend my liberal leanings, feeling a deeper affront to my gender, and a juvenile and totally childish urge to resort to a loud Cockney raspberry. I choose the raspberry instead of writing some lofty idealistic retort which would be attributed to my “ignorant leftist attitude”.


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