It’s a New Day in America!

Fenster writes:

At a time of rancor and divisiveness it is good to remember: it’s a new day in America!

It’s always a new day in America.

America . . . it’s a new day!

President Frank Underwood

A new day in America, you’re gonna be proud again.

Donald Trump, announcing his economic agenda

It is a new day in America, and it is a time for all of us to step forward together for children, since they own the future.

Marian Wright Edelman, Children’s Defense Fund, on Obama’s election

Americans wanted hope and they got it; from the Palatino/Gotham typeface combinations, to the bright, optimistic photography—everything laddered back to the fresh, “new day in America” messaging.

Meredith Post, A Historical Perspective—The Rise of Branding in Politics, writing about Obama’s branding strategy

Whoa, it’s a new day in America, and you know why? A thing happened that is GOOD for transgender people, specifically involving their God-given right to drop the kids off at the pool in public places. For real! A federal appeals court in Virginia has ruled that banning trans people from using bathroom facilities that match their gender identities is WRONG AND BAD under Title IX.

Evan Hurst, Radical Liberal Judges Affirm Bizarre Transgender Pooping Rituals, Wonkette

It’s a New Day in America – Now What?  Ralph Egues from the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance takes a look at what the new administration in Washington means for labor in sodgrass.

Ralph Egues, Turfgrass Producers International

We’re at an eve of a brand new day in America, and it feels good being here in Chicago. All this technology, I’m being beamed to you, like in Star Wars and stuff. It’s great., quoted in Kari Coe, 8 Times Rappers Became Holograms, XXL

It’s a bright new day in America, filled with challenges and opportunities for the future. . . . Microbes are an incredible tool from an engineering perspective, as they are programmable, self-repairing, ubiquitous, exist in limitless variety, and require little upkeep. 

Jack M. Cackler, Powering the Future with Microbes, The Harvard Crimson

It’s a new day in America, and what better way to celebrate the first African-American president than with Al Pacino’s thriller 88 Minutes? What, you don’t understand why that’s appropriate? Maybe that’s because you’re racist.

The Flop House Podcast

I hope this is a new day in America, and I hope and pray the restriction to 30/100 patient limit for buprenorphine doctors is lifted immediately.

Terry Carson, quoted in Probuphine: A Game-Changer in Fighting Opioid Dependence, National Institute on Drug Abuse

Back to the study hall, men. Tomorrow is a new day in America, and many challenges remain. But always remember the motto of our great Dominican college:,  Veritas. Truth.

Father Raymond St. George, quoted in Let the Word Go Forth, Knights of Columbus, Columbia Online Edition

I believe we are on the brink of a new day in America. “God is not finished with America yet!”

Dan Cummins, Make America Godly Again

It is a new day in America. . . . When you support John Hagee Ministries, you are part of “our voice” that is taking all the gospel, to all the world, for every generation.

John Hagee, Righteous Revolution

Thirty years ago, affirmative action may have been a necessary step to open the doors of American universities and companies. It helped to correct a history of racial discrimination propagated by whites, but it’s a new day in America.

Dana White, Who Says I’m Inferior?, Heritage Foundation

It’s a new day in America and nothing seems clear except perhaps uncertainty. . . . The great need for new public works practically everywhere across the entire nation has become obvious to all.  

Sergeant Brownfield, Brownfield Listings

Why We’re Liberals brings clarity and perspective to the possibility of a new day in America.

Eric Alterman, Why We’re Liberals: A Political Handbook for Post-Bush America, The Nation Institute

Fascism’s New Day in America

Rick DLoss, Socialist Currents

But what I did not expect was the level of comradery and esprit de corps and enthusiasm here in D.C. like it’s a new day. It’s a new day in America, man.

US Rep. Clay Higgins, D-La., looking forward to the Trump-Pence administration

It’s a new day in America, and it is a new day at Express.

Express Employment Professionals CEO Bob Funk announcing new benefits for its full-time corporate employees

It’s a new day in America, if an exceptionally gloomy one, and it’s a new era for Diane, who quits the firm she co-founded with plans to retire to the South of France, only to lose her life’s savings in a Madoff-like investment scheme. 

Sam Adams, on the Good Wife spin-off show The Good Fight, Slate


The sun is now rising over Nairobi. It’s time for a new day in America as well. It’s time to listen.

Pearce Godwin, Founder & President of Listen First Project

Folks, together we embark on a new day in America where we ask not what our country can do for us, but what we can do to make our country’s beef jerky great again.

Phil A. Mignon, Three Jerks: the original filet mignon beef jerky


Allah has blessed us and has helped us against those who reject faith.  Who reject hope.  Who reject change.  Who reject a dawn of a new day in America and in the world.

Imam Plemon, The Significance of Barack Obama

It’s a new day in America! Drown your sorrows (or celebrate your victory) with big-ass tires, V8 power, and a classic nameplate.

Tom McParlan, Get A Crazy Discount On A Corvette Right Now And Feel Better About America

Now it’s a new day in America and the monsters are crawling out of the shadows again.

Justin Rosario, We Should Be Extremely Worried About The Spike In Anti-Semitic Violence, The Daily Banter




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