Naked Lady of the Week: Viktoriia Aliko

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Viktoriia’s bio at a site called Yonitale, where she is known as Jane Y, reads:

Do you remember the movie of Jean-Jacques Annaud ” The Lover” with Jane March. It was one of the most exciting movie ever. And this was because of Jane March. She was so hot, juvenile and ready to experiment and enjoy sex. Jane Y looks like her! She has this same smile, mouth and hunger to try new things. She is really all what we like at Yonitale. Jane Y, Jane March, we love you.

I offer that not because it says anything particularly revealing about Viktoriia, but because I can’t resist the comparison to Jane March in “The Lover.” Do you remember “The Lover”? It’s a great example of the kind of high-toned erotic movie which used to be  enjoyed widely by adults, but which would surely never be released today.

Hey, now that outfits like Netflix and Amazon are producing their own content, and the distribution and ratings system no longer present insurmountable obstacles, why aren’t we seeing more sophisticated (or even just “sophisticated”) erotic movies? Has porn made people uninterested in that kind of thing?

To my eye Vicktoriia bears only a slight resemblance to Jane March, but there’s no denying that, like Ms. March, she’s an intriguingly minxy little thing. I find her Asiatic, just-arrived-from-the-steppes quality mighty appealing. According to the internet, she’s a native of Kiev.

Here she is on Twitter. And on Instagram.

Nudity below. Have a great Christmas.

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