Naked Lady of the Week: Kristin Melnichuk

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Melnichuk may sound like one of Putin’s super-secret nerve agents, but it’s actually the last name of this Ukrainian nude model, who also goes by Sigrid and Vanessa. Do Ukrainians hate Putin these day? I can never keep the Russia-Ukraine thing straight.

Here is a (presumably autotranslated) biography that I find on the internet:

I do not make conclusions without knowing the person. I have no enemies, I have them. I have an opinion, which I did not refuse. I have my principles that I hold. I’m not smiling people who I unpleasant. I don’t deal with people who did not interest me. I won’t gloss over the reality, I tell like it is. I do not accept the criticism from people who don’t know me. I accept your mistakes, but rarely mistaken. I can cry after watching the sad movie, but I don’t pay if some bastard would offend me. If I brief, it doesn’t mean that I’m silent. If I release, that doesn’t mean that I miss. I don’t try to please everyone. I am what you want to eat it or not.

She has a hesitantly sunny presence that makes me think of the weather in early spring. She’s pretty in an unforced way. For some reason I find it charming that her teeth haven’t been whitened.

She’s on Twitter but she doesn’t post much.

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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